Nasturtium Climbing (340-2)

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Climbing Nasturtium - Nasturzio Rampicante. Large plant with numerous red, yellow & orange flowers. Looks great along a fence; perfect for pots or planters on balconies where they will cascade. Flowers & leaves are edible with a spicy taste. Tolerates dry conditions. Full sun or partial shade. Seeds can be hard and tricky to germinate, so we recommend soaking them in water overnight before planting the next day. Direct sow 2-3 seeds, thin to one at 10-12" spacing. 5 gram packet, approximately 30 seeds.


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Seeds from Italy 16th May 2012

Bright, cheerful flowers

Notes from the Trial Gardens, Lawrence, KS: We started these in the greenhouse and planted in a large pot with orange calendula. The leaves are huge, round, bluish green -- very pretty in and of themselves. Flowers are slow to appear at first, but within a couple of weeks, the plant is covered with their brilliant blooms. Honeybees seem to love these flowers!

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