Parsley Gigante d'Italia - Certified Organic (108-2B)

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Parsley Giant of Italy, certified organic seed. Large flat leaf type parsley. Also known as Prezzemolo Gigante d'Italia. Different than Gigante di Napoli, but still a very large, vigorous plant. Excellent flavor. 75-80 days.

Parsley is slow to germinate & requires 14-21 days, especially if direct seeded. Start inside 6-7 weeks before set out (3 weeks before last frost) with 3-4 seeds per cell (soaking overnight speeds up germination). Thin to one or leave all growing. Space 12" in rows 12". Can also direct seed, 4-5 seeds every 12" and either thin or let them all grow. Cold hardy. Will take heavy frosts and survive zone 6 winters if given some protection. 10 gram packet. 

Note, this variety is Gigante d'italia. The same SKU number, but non-organic is the variety Gigante di Napoli.


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