Peperoncino Ciliegia Piccante (97-39)

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Known to some as 'Satan's Kiss'....beware. We used to carry this, and now they are back. This is a tasty, medium-hot, round, cherry chili. It loses about 60% of its heat when cooked making it great stuffed with mozzarella and anchovies and then grilled. Good foliage and a compact plant. Suitable for container gardening. 0.2 gram packet, approximately 30 seeds.


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21st Aug 2015

Bacio di Satana

These are indeed the devil's kiss. These are hard to find seeds and I was thrilled to find them here. The pepper germinate well and the plants are vigorous and productive. The heat is significant. They say like a cayenne but I grow both and I find these about 25% hotter than most cayenne. I dry them in the dehydrator for peperoncino flakes.

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