Pepper Carmagnola Rosso (97-27)

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Pepper Carmagnola Rosso. Large Red sweet bell type with slight taper at the end. Slightly smaller and earlier than the Red Asti. Thin skin, thick walls and very sweet. Good producer. Early. Big plant; space 16 inches. You can stuff them, cook them in pepperonata or roast them, remove the skins and serve as a wonderful appetizer. 2 gram packet, approximately 225 seeds.


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Anthony 17th Oct 2016


They are slowly coming along but not really robust in our Florida garden.

Mary Mercedes 4th Jan 2015

Spectacular Showy BOUNTIFUL Red Pepper

I have been gardening for over 30 years and this is truly the best pepper I've ever grown. Carmagnola Rosso was just an amazing producer, even with our extremely short growing season and sometimes cold and wet summers here in the N.E. (central PA.) area. This is a challenging area for growing sun and heat-loving peppers and tomatoes. We can count on frost-free weather only from June 1 - Sept 15 or so. I started this pepper under grow lights in the cellar, moved it to a tiny outdoor greenhouse (with a heater for cold nights) and transplanted it to 8 oz. plastic drinking cups while waiting for our last frost date. On June 1st, I planted them in large black 27 gallon nursery containers filled with half top soil and half aged mushroom compost. These peppers thrived with all the extra heat absorbed from these planters. Disease free. No insect problems all summer. By fall, they were heavy with a massive bounty of gorgeous, giant, red and ripening peppers. The plants also had plenty of foliage to prevent sunscald too. (I wish I could post pictures with this review.) Best of all, the flavor of this red pepper is perfection. This variety has it all. Be sure to give it plenty of room. More than normal for most peppers. They will reward you with a bounty of gorgeous peppers to use and to share.

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