Pepper Lombardo (97-16)

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Pepper Lombardo. Long, green, slim, very sweet frying pepper; red, yellow or orange when ripe. Large plant, space about 18 inches apart. Peppers are 5-6 inches long, 3/4-1 inch wide. Very thin skin. Can also pickle or dry them. 70 or so days. 1.5 gram packet, approximately 225 seeds.


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Sylvie 12th Jul 2014

Unfazed by hot weather

One of my favorite pepper 'Lombardo' doing very well. I have started to pick from them. I love them because they are early, prolific and hot weather does not seem to faze them (unlike so many of the bells). Good chopped in salsa, sautéed or pickled. And freezes exceptionally well (chop first). Thank you for carrying such great seeds!

m santia 17th Nov 2011

prolific producer

I don't usually get involved in writing reviews but this pepper deserves the involvement. It matures early and when it starts producing it doesn't stop. From 15 to 20 plants I can pick a large pail within 10-15 minutes.The peppere are small and long but are truly excellent tasting. Just cut the tops without removing seeds in smaller peppers and remove seeds in the larger ones. They are so tasty and I kept picking until the frost and one night I ran out of time to pick so I pulled up the plants whole threw them in a large container and picked off the peppers when I had the time.

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