Pepper Quadrato d'Asti Rosso (97-2)

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Square Red Asti Pepper - Quadrato d'Asti Rosso. Asti is famous for its peppers and this is another classic from Asti. Very large productive pepper, 80-85 days to red ripe. Big plant; space 16 inches. You can stuff them, cook them in pepperonata or roast them, remove the skins and serve as a wonderful appetizer. Try this with this one and the Yellow Asti. At least 200 seeds.


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Train 5th Dec 2012

Peppers peppers peppers

Ya Perhaps I should have said, Pizza pizza pizza. I make pizza everyday and a lot of pasta in between so the pepper is almighty important to me. The only difference is that I use them green. The flavor is much more intense when this fruit is green so I use them green. I grow them in the torrid zone, Houston Texas. I have 6 of them growing in the greenhouse now and am fixing to buy more seed now so I can start a bunch more for the patch this spring. Running out of this pepper as as tragic as running out of tomatoes for me. Train

Marion in OH 22nd Mar 2012

not for ohio

grows taller before it starts fruiting, rarely has colored fruit in ohio, we usually end up fighting frost before we get ripe peppers. Theye are very productive, at that point there may be a peck of immature peppers on each plant. That said, they are excellant, but I think they need more heat earlier on, maybe would do better under row covers. we like carmagnola rossa better in our climate :-)

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