Pepper Rosso Dolce Appendere (97-82)

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OUT OF STOCK. NO MORE AVAILABLE UNTIL 2019. Frying pepper from Southern Italy. 6 inches long, thin skin, very sweet. Bright red when ripe. Use red or green. This pepper also dries very well for winter use. Peppers ready 70 or so days after set out. Approx. 300 seeds, 2 gram packet.


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21st Aug 2015

Very Nice Large Pepper

I have grown these three years now. They are very similar to corno di toro. I prefer these though because for me, they are a little earlier and less susceptible to blossom end rot than corno di toro. I stuff, fry, and eat them raw. Of course appendere means "to dry" in italian, but I have not found them to dry like a senise pepper from Calabria.

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