Pepper Topepo Rosso (97-91)

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Pepper Topepo Rosso, also called Christmas pepper. Round red pepper, 2" high, 2" wide. Sweet. Eat fresh, roasted, or pickled. This is the type of pepper you see pickled in large jars in Italian delis. Pickle some red ones and a few still green for a nice color combination. You can also add some Baccia di Satana peppers if you want some fire in your pickle. Wash. put in pint jar. add about 1 tsp of kosher salt, cover with 1/2 white vinegar 1/2 water. Wait a few days. eat. Will last as long as the cap doesn't rust. You may refrigerate if you like. Obviously you may add spices with the salt. Play. 1.5 gram packet, approximately 200 seeds.


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Marion in OH 22nd Mar 2012

perfect for stuffing

Love, love love these little peppers! they are thicker walled than most bells, and shorter, with a flat bottom, which makes them ideal for stuffing :-) they are also the perfect size for little folks, with 2 for adults :-) give them a try, you'll like them ;-)

22nd Feb 2012

topepo rosso

I grew these in northern Missouri last year and they did quite well. All my peppers came on late, but the yield was good. Peppers don't redden well here. I think because of the humidity they tend to rot before they turn red, but of all those that I grew, the Topepo Rosso produced more reds than any others. Very thick skin and quite sweet.

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