Pole Bean Sampler

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Find your favorite pole bean and save 20%.

Bean varieties differ in their response to climate and soil, and there are differences in flavor and tenderness depending on where they are grown. The only way to find which variety is best for you and your location is to experiment! That's why we offer this collection of four of our best-selling varieties at a 20% savings over buying the packs individually.

The Pole Bean Sampler includes one pack each of our four bestelling pole bean varieties: Supermarconi (a flat green bean); Meraviglia di Venezia (a flat yellow bean); Santa Anna (a slender, round green bean); and Trionfo Violetto (a round purple bean).

Pole beans require a strong support such as a teepee, trellis, or bean ladder. They save space because they grow vertically. And when the weather is right — not too hot — they will keep on growing and producing all summer. Many people think pole beans have the best flavor, too.


Reviews (2)

11th Jul 2017

very healthy plants

these beans grew like crazy. The purple beans were by far the most plentiful. Still hoping more beans will set on.

Renee 25th Apr 2014

Golden Opportunity

My garden would not be complete without the Meraviglea Venezia beans. These beautiful beans started a little bit slowly for our cool PNW climate, but as the summer warmed these beans excelled. We had hand fulls, basket fulls, they are fabulously productive. The flavour is so nice, buttery, creamy and so delicious! I combined these golden beauties with the friulana summer squash, carmelized onions and garlic and parsley! Thank you!

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