Artichoke, Violetta (21-2)

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Artichoke Violetta. Rich violet/purple color. Delicate taste. Prefers light/fertile soil (mostly for drainage). You may get some artichokes the first year depending on your climate. Plants produce for at least three years. 3 gram packet, approx. 60 seeds.


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Holly 2nd Dec 2014


I know I sent a photo of these to Daniel. They are just beautiful little chokes. Pick them small, and eat them whole! I grow 3 or 4 kinds of artichokes and love them all. But this is the one I wait for each spring. This bush gets huge in the second and third year. Mine is still producing and it's 4 years old. These are very sharp when you pick them, so use gloves. Once you eat these, you'll want to plant a field of them. I plant these in baskets, as gophers love them too, but I'm not sharing.

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