Pepper Corno di Toro Rosso (97-7)

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Pepper Corno di Toro. Horn of the Bull. Red. 8" long, 2-3 inches wide. Very sweet pepper with thin skin and thick walls. Brilliant red when ripe. Ideal to stuff, fry or grill. Bears heavily. 65 days green, 75-85 days red. Approximately 225 seeds.


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Backwoods Garden-a-holic 9th Jan 2015

The BEST Sweet Pepper out there!!!!

After growing virtually every pepper out there lol we have found this specific Seeds of Italy "Bulls Horn" pepper strain to out perform all of the others we've bought from other USA Seed Companies. We use to think they they were better than the others, but now feel they are GREATEST and WOW in production???! All of our other seeds were tossed out and we will only grow these exclusively/highly recommend! Things we like: Hardiness factor, tough, no bug pest or disease problems, ease in growing, OUTSTANDING Production, easy to harvest/preserve via dehydration methods for later use and SUPERB in FLAVOR fresh or reconstituted with water or nutritious meat broth for later during the winter season! Thanks Seeds of Italy, for carrying a much better Authentic Italian Strain, we love it!!!!!!! : )

Doug 28th Oct 2013

Great pepper

This was the first year that I grew any Franchi seeds. I was very pleased with these peppers. They had a high germination rate and did very well in the hot Kansas summers. The taste was excellent! I really liked them roasted on the grill. I will be growing more of them this year.

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