Tomato Lilliput F1 (106-67)

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Tomato Lilliput F1. A Franchi special selection. One of the few hybrids Franchi Sementi carries. Expect very heavy crops of small round cherry tomatoes. Fruit sets in clusters of 25 or so & hold well on the vine. Determinate bush, grows to about 3 feet tall. Can be grown in a container. Early like most cherry types. Approximately 60 seeds.


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Paul 7th Dec 2017

What a fantastic tomato discovery!

On a whim I bought this seed, and started a tray full of plants indoors, in southern Vermont. They got off to a good start but didn't ripen any fruit until mid-august. Then in September and October my life became "another day, another tub of Lilliput tomatoes"! Prolific, reliable, disease resistant and have a wonderful tomato flavor. Fruit is tender and not granular in texture. Suitable for cooking or fresh eating,in salads especially when cut in half. Not susceptible to fusarium wilt in my experience. Small determinate plant that can be grown without staking. Highly recommended.

Shannon Robinson 17th Jul 2016

wonderful producer

This variety has wonderful tomato flavor, it's prolific and it stays in one place. We are getting a great harvest even in our drought. The fruits are different sizes, but I like this trait. I freeze the fruits whole in trays then put in bags fit winter use. Just run under water for a few seconds and skin slips off.

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