Tomato Red Pear (106-107)

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BESTSELLER! Franchi's Red Pear tomato is an old North Italian variety specially selected by Franchi Sementi. It is a red, pear-shaped beefsteak. An outstanding producer of huge (as in 8-18 ounce) very tasty fruit. Great fresh eating. Early for such a large plant (70-75 days). This is not the small pear shaped tomato called red pear by U.S. seed companies. Pear shaped with vertical ribs - a must try. Really meaty containing few seeds. Indeterminate. 1 gram packet, approximately 250 seeds.


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John 5th Mar 2017

Absolute Champ Last Summer

This was my first time with this tomato and what a wonderful surprise it was. A real champ. A Wow! - Very good taste, Good for sandwiches. salads and for tomato sauce. It was a heavy bearer over a long season. I also grew Sun Gold, New Girl and Sakura all good and each distinctive. The New Girl and Sun Gold lasted the longest with fruit into December! [SF Bay Area]

Tess Castiglione 3rd Sep 2016

Best sauce tomato ever

If you want to make the best sauce in the world, then grow this tomato. I will always grow this tomato and please save seed from it should you grow it, too, just in case. I cannot praise it enough and am so happy I tried it - the reviews are what made me give it a try. My plants have always grown well and produced copious amounts of tomatoes, even last season when there was leaf fungal problems - the tomatoes just shrugged it off. If big, meaty, juicy, sweet tomatoes are your thing, then you must grow Red Pear.

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