Zuchetta Tromba d'Albenga (146-42)

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Zuchetta Tromba d'Albenga. Zuchetta are long and curved, with a bulb at the end. Pick when young (6-10 inches) and cook like zucchini or let them get larger and roast them. The skin hardens up some as they get larger. They vine like a pumpkin, so give them plenty of space. 65-75 days. 5 gram packet.


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Frank Martinelli (P V Farm Stand) 3rd Jul 2017

Pick small

I picked these zucchini small made a tomato sauce or gravy as my grandmother would say sliced them about 1/4 inch thick when the sauce was done i put some in a frying pan and tossed the slices into the sauce. Cooked for 25-30 minutes absolutely delicious.

Deb in OK 23rd Jan 2017

Only Summer Squash I grow

I've tried many times to grow traditional zucchini and yellow crookneck squash but I never get more than one or two squash before squash bugs and/or borers kill the plants. Only moschata squash does well where I live because they don't seem to be as irresistible to squash bugs and if grown on the ground, they'll root at every node so even if a section succumbs to borers, the plant doesn't die. I don't have enough garden space to let them sprawl on the ground so I plant them on a tall metal arbor. I sometimes lose a vine to borers, but never lose all of them. Love that the young squash isn't as watery as standard zucchini is and the bulb of slightly larger ones can be stuffed and baked in the oven after scooping out the seeds. Dense and sweeter than standard zucchini, but can be grated to use in recipes for breads and cakes like any zucchini is. My desperation to grow summer squash led me to discovering this wonderful variety that actually produces more than one or two squash for me. Last year I let a couple of them mature to use as winter squash, but haven't used them yet. Letting a couple mature will also allow me to save seed.

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