Radicchio di Chioggia (40-23)

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Radicchio di Chioggia. This is one of the easier to grow radicchios. Very consistent. It has a dark red outer leaf with white markings and a nice white stem. Color becomes more intense the cooler the weather. Early, 75-80 days. Can be grown (usually) in the spring if you use transplants. In fall, use transplants spaced 12 inches apart or direct seed, 3/4 seeds every 12 inches and thin to one plant. Rows at 12-14 inches. Also makes a nice baby green for salads; spread seed on a well prepared bed and harvest when 3-5 inches tall. 9 gram packet. Approx. 5,500 seeds.


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27th Mar 2014

With luck it might force it self in the garden

I have grown this variety in Massachusetts for 2 seasons. Plant in June..Transplant Late July...Ready in late October/November. In general I force these like the Treviso (plastic bucket with water in the basement). However I have had a few form heads in the garden. The heads are small compared to the amount of leaves on the plant which is true of my experience with Treviso too.

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