Radicchio Pan di Zucchero (40-10)

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Radicchio Pan di Zucchero - Sugarloaf. Upright light green variety with large, long tight head. Easy to grow and easy to head up. For spring and fall. Popular throughout Italy. Use cooked or in salads. 10 gram packet.


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Lou and Dena Pelfini 27th Mar 2014

Da Morirer--to die for, well, not exactly

Pan di zucchero is by far the best cicoria for it's sweetness (yes) is used properly. Best to plant in the Spring, protect it in hot climates with some sun absorbing netting, and used when mature. Uses a good rich soil, and always keep the soil moist. Heat and lack of water ruin the taste. We remove several of the large outer leaves (these could be used in minestrone), separate the inner green-white leaves, wash and spin dry, and then roll up several leaves together, holding them tightly and THINLY slice them. Place in a bowl with some good olive oil, red wine vinegar, thinly sliced torpedo onion , salt and pepper. Accompany with good cheese, sourdough bread, and good wine. It helps if the vinegar and wine are home made!

27th Mar 2014

Best crunchy Romaine-type lettuce

I originally got the seeds in Slovenia but now I can get them from Seeds from Italy. My friends and I are addicted to it not just for some crunch in salads but as a green "burrito-style" wrapper for other foods.

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