Rhubarb/Rabarbaro (109-1)

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Rhubarb. What could be better than some sweet stewed Rhubarb with fresh cream. An Italian variety. 1g. Sow mid Jul-end Sep. Perennial suitable for areas with cooler springs. Divide every four years or so in early spring when leaves are 6-8 inches. Easy to grow. No pests bother it. Use for making sauces, with strawberries. Plant this year for next year harvest. Approximately 60 seeds.


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Suzie M 6th Aug 2017

Needs lots of fertilizer but does well

We are on our 2nd year (using 3 year old seed!) but I was unsure where to plant this. Ended up in a large tub and it's doing great this year. To avoid the thin, spindly stalks it will take a large amount of fertilizer to make a difference. As to the bugs leaving this alone, not so for the creepy earwigs that have invaded the tub. They only eat holes in the leaves and don't bother the stalks. Just wish the leaves killed or maimed the earwigs like us humans are warned to not eat. Of course, how my hubby tells me he doesn't like rhubarb. Could it be my cooking? Naw...

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