Arugula Ortolani, Market Grower (115-3)

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Arugula, selezione Ortolani. A Franchi Special Selection of cultivated arugula. It is more regular than the standard cultivated arugula. More consistent taste, color, and growth habit. A bit more mild taste than regular cultivated arugula. Ideal for market growers. 15 gram packet has approximately 5,000 seeds.


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DV 30th Dec 2013

great arugala

I have tried many different packs of arugula over the years and this offering is the best! Grows very quickly with s very balanced arugula flavor. The only cultivated arugula worth growing.

24th Mar 2012

easy and fast to grow, tasty

Very easy to grow and consistent. Sprouts very quickly (just a few days) and grows very quickly. I sprinkle on few flower pots in spring and can pick them all summer for salad (rugula+thin sliced parmesano). I just pick a few leave from each plant and they grow back quickly; this way I don't even need to reseed during the growing season. I purchased the bulk pack (keep seed refrigerated) and it last for many seasons.

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