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Bean Super Marconi (57-30)

from $3.50
Pole Roma. This is the Roma type bean seen all over Italy in markets. Beans will grow to 10 inches and remain tender. You can begin picking them at 5-6 inches. Very meaty. Makes a wonderful bean salad. Like all pole beans, keep picking to encourage...

Chick Pea / Garbanzo Bean (36-50)

from $5.00
Chick Pea - (Cece Principe). Garbanzo bean. Grow your own chick peas. No more buying chick peas which are hard as a stone. Seed after soil has well warmed up. One seed every two inches planted one inch deep. Thin to six inches. 100 gram (3.5 ounce) box.

Endive Riccia Romanesco da Taglio (75-10)

from $3.50
Endive Riccia Romanesco da Taglio. A cut and come again endive from Rome. Thin serrated dark green leaves with classic endive taste and texture. Space at 4" between plants, 8" between rows. 40-45 days. Plant grows in a small upright bunch which is easy...

Fennel Romanesco (62-5)

from $3.50
Fennel Romanesco. Classic fennel from Rome. Large head with thick, tightly wrapped stalks. Great taste. Try roasting it with olive oil. Grow in spring & fall. 85 days. 7 gram packet.

Kale Cavolo Nero aka Lacinato (35-7)

from $3.50
The only kale grown in Italy. Wrinkled dark green (almost black) leaves with a smooth edge. Excellent taste; improves after a frost. Very hardy. Usually lasts until January in my Zone 5 garden; will last all winter in Zone 6b and higher. 60 or so days...

Lettuce Romaine Bionda Ortolani (84-4)

from $3.50
Lettuce Bionda Ortolani. A classic romaine lettuce with a large tight head and dark green crunchy leaves. 65 days. Like all romaines, it does best in spring and fall. Can grow in summer for baby lettuce, and even head lettuce in cooler climates. Start...

Onion Lunga di Firenze (42-23)

from $3.50
Onion Lunga de Firenze — Long of Florence. Long (4 inch) narrow red onion. Wider in middle than the ends. Mild, sweet taste. Beautiful. Medium/long day type. Mid season harvest. Use in salads, grilled or on skewers. Direct seed or transplant. 4...

Seeds of Rome Gift Box

A collection of six traditional vegetable varieties from Rome Say "Rome" and you think of the Coliseum, the Tiber River, and Trevi Fountain, not to mention the Roman civilization which changed the world we live in. Rome is a city of history, art,...
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Tomato Costoluto Fiorentino (106-18)

from $3.50
Tomato Costoluto Fiorentino. Large heirloom beefsteak type from Florence. Red, 12-16 ounces slightly flattened fruit. Outstanding taste. 75-80 days. Large, vigorous, indeterminate plant with good production. This makes a really nice sauce also,...

Zucchini Lunga Fiorentino (146-52)

from $3.50
Long of Florence. Long, ribbed, lightish green fruit with speckles from the region around Florence. Fruit is a bit square. Reputation is that it holds flowers well. A very heavy producer with good taste. This came highly recommended by several customers...