Spinach Gigante d'Inverno (127-9)

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Spinach Gigante d'Inverno (Winter Giant). Very large, glossy dark green leaves which are pointed. Resistant to cold. Large plant, excellent taste and texture, heavy production. 13 gram packet. Approximately 900 seeds. Late summer & fall planting or to overwinter.


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Paul from Kansas 3rd May 2015

Gigante did really well in early spring

I planted the Gigante D'Inverno Spinach early this Spring under rowcover. It is by far the biggest and best Spring sown spinach that I have ever grown. I did not expect it to do well in the Spring. Thought you might like to know this. I finished picking my Gigante spinach today. ... Everything I wrote last time is true but Gigante bolts quickly so pick it early before mid May. It's size and rapid growth make growing it under row cover or in a hoophouse worthwhile for early harvest of big spinach.

Don 21st Nov 2014

Simply the Best Spinach Crop Ever!

OK, I love spinach and I've grown many varieties. But Gigante is the best I've ever tried. The huge leaves are tender and sweet, some big enough to wrap a small chicken if you are so moved. And each plant is super productive and fast growing. I fed my family from a 4'x12' raised bed and am now growing it in winter in a hoop house. I can't walk by without grabbing a few leaves to munch on. Give it a try. You'll write to thank me as I'm doing to thank Grow Italian.

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