Tomato a Grappoli d'Inverno (106-97)

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Tomato, a Grappoli d'Inverno - Winter Grape. Also know as Pomodoro Galantina from the town in Southern Puglia where it is from. It is a grape-shaped Determinate red cherry, producing loads of great tasting sweet fruit. Tomatoes hold well on the vine and after they're picked. The variety does well in a pot or container and is a good candidate for hanging and drying on the plant. 4 gram packet, approximately 1,000 seeds. Not Franchi seed.


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1st Sep 2014

Disappointing - Not worth your time and money

I had hope for a grape tomato that was "great tasting and sweet". This was neither. The taste was bland, hardly tomato like and did not approach sweet. The tomatoes themselves were quite large for being grape tomatoes. I won't waste my time next year on them. I'll go back to Tomato Muscato Piccolo Dattero Ibrido. Muscato Piccolo were a sweet good tasting grape tomato. I only wish they were more prolific. I might try something else but I won't bother with Inverno a Grappoli.

10th Aug 2014

Awesome production and delicious flavor

We grew 12 of these from seed in Northern NJ and they outgrew all our other domestic cherry plants. These are a prolific grower in NJ where growing season is a colder mid May in evenings to mid September where temperatures are very hot and humid (95-100 degrees). Very hardy, they can stand the temperature fluctuation well. They were clearly the healthiest looking early in Spring and when mature, grow into thick bushes. We had a few extra plants and planted them in in the side of the yard in plain dirt and they still grew like no tomorrow. They literally grow like weeds, and very low maintenance. This is my cherry tomato of choice going forward. The flavor is delicious. A real tomato flavor, sweet and perfect for recipes, salads, or a just a snack.

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