Tomato Cuor di Bue - Oxheart (106-24)

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Tomato Cuor di Bue. 7-9 ounce beefsteak type shaped like a heart. Meaty, deep pink/red flesh and few seeds. Real tomato taste. The tomato all our Italian grandfathers grew. For fresh eating or sauce. Indeterminate. 70+ days. Very large vigorous growing plant; these are quite productive and relatively early. 1 gram pack, approximately 300 seeds.


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Sidney Riley 14th Sep 2017

Superior In Every Way

I live in the Northern Willamette Valley, about 18 miles south of Portland, OR. This summer, 2017, I grew 6 different varieties of tomato in Grass Roots Fabric Pots (Sacramento, CA). All of the plants grew well in the fabric pots; however, due to the pots breathability, I had to water more than I would have liked. This resulted in a severe case of blossom end rot on all of the tomatoes EXCEPT Cuor di Bue. The Cuor di Bue was productive, producing an early crop of high quality 4-6 oz fruit that did was not subject to blossom end rot. The flavor of Cuor di Bue was excellent. I will grow this variety again... Very pleased

Frank Schenhoffer 16th Dec 2013

Very solid and the taste is incredible.

I had these in the garden this past summer and could not be happier. They are juicy, meaty and the best taste ever. I also liked the very small seeds and the small amount of seeds. Everyone I gave them to loved them and was sad when the growing season was over. Try them, you will love them/

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