Tomato Follia / Supermarzano F1 (106-112)

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PLEASE NOTE: Franchi has changed the name of the Follia tomato listed in the 2018 catalog to Supermarzano. They are the same tomato, but the name written on the front of the pack could be either of the two.

Supermarzano tomato is a hybrid paste tomato, similar to the traditional San Marzano tomato but with improved disease resistance. If you have had problems growing San Marzano in the past, give this one a try. 

Indeterminate, 90 days to maturity. Tall, vining, vigorous plants need trellising. Fruits are about 5 inches long and weigh 5 oz. In Italy, they are preferred as a salad tomato when they are pink shading to red at the neck. Productive over a long season. Resistant to Fusarium, Verticillium and Nematodes. 60 seeds. 



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