Tomato Maremmano (106-02)

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Heirloom variety from Central Italy. Early Determinate. Small (3 ounce) bright red fruit grow in clusters. Excellent taste for fresh eating or canning. Can be grown in a container. 3 gram packet, approximately 750 seeds. Not Franchi seed.


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Sidney Riley 1st Nov 2014

Huge yield

I planted 6 Maremmano this year. The gophers got one plant, the 5 remaining plants produced more tomatoes than we could handle. The plants just keep generating tomatoes. It is not unusual to pick 5lbs of tomatoes from one plant. The flavor is mild and balanced. They make an excellent tomato salad with a little basil and oil. Wonderful product.

Sidney Riley 7th Oct 2012

Good Flavor

Grew Maremmano in an Earth Box. The plants were fast, productive, and disease and pest free. The fruit had a nice tomato flavor with good acidity. I will grow these next season.

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