Tomato Muscato Piccolo Dattero Ibrido (106-119)

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Tomato Muscato, Datterino, aka Piccolo Dattero Ibrido. F1 Hybrid grape-shaped cherry tomato. Indeterminate. Early, vigorous, heavy producer of very sweet deep red fruit. High sugar content. Resists cracking and stores well. VFN. Good choice for both home and commercial growers. Approximately 30 seeds.


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Bob 15th Sep 2013

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(really 4 and a half stars as explained below, but that option isn't available) It's a hard tomato, which is probably why it ships well. Almost too firm, but not quite. Good disease resistance (outlasted the other grape tomatoes by over a month) Most were very sweet and flavorful, though I needed to let them completely ripen on the vine (if they detach when gently pulled, they're ready, otherwise not). Even so, a few weren't sweet or flavorful (to me). Still, most were more than good enough to make up for that. I give them an A-, and will grow them again.

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