Tomato Principe Borghese (106-50)

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Tomato Principe Borghese. Small indeterminate plants bear prolifically and must be staked or caged. Tomatoes set on clusters of 7-10 fruit each weighing about 2 oz. They hold extremely well on the vine. 72 days. Eat fresh in salad or dry for sun-dried tomatoes. They also make outstanding oven-roasted tomatoes; slice in half, drizzle with some olive oil, bake at 250°F until mostly done, sprinkle with fresh basil, oregano, etc. Eat as a contorno or freeze. 1.5 gram packet, approx. 375 seeds.


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7th Jan 2014

excellent fresh but love them dehydrated

We dehydrate these and then use whole, or grind and add to soups, sauces, salad dressing or bruschetta. One of my favorite tomatoes!!

Gus 11th Aug 2013

Simply the best!

I am growing these in Shawnee Kansas (2013). I crave these tomatoes, I first sliced a few and added them to tacos, delicious. The next day I found myself eating them like grapes, popping them straight into my mouth as I watched TV. Today we sliced up a plate of these to have with lunch, a drizzle of olive oil, a little salt, and fresh ground pepper, they didn't last long. These are my new favorite small tomatoes.

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