Tomato San Marzano Redorta (106-94)

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San Marzano Redorta. Franchi Special Selection. Named for a mountain in the Alps, this is a very large (10-12 ounce) San Marzano type plum tomato. Indeterminate. Large, vigorous plant. This has real tomato flavor and is good to eat fresh, make sauce, can or dry. Approx. 150 seeds. 80 days.


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deerhunter1k 12th Oct 2017

10'-11' plants outside chicago area

These plants got huge, and the fruit were just as big. The taste is great for sandwiches,salads and our favorite sauces and salsa. While they are susceptible to early blight if you catch it early should be able to keep it under control. The only problem is that they get so big that tomato cages are obsolete. We made a netting grid supported by steel posts up to 8' and they still fell over.

Jim 25th Feb 2017

Grows well on Long Island NY

Grew this for the first time last season and plan to expand the number of plants. good number of large heavy tomatoes per plant which continued long after other types gave up. They were still setting buds when we got our first hard freeze in late November. The taste is great in cooked dishes. Good acidity and strong tomato flavor.

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