Winter Squash Assortment (145-6)

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Winter Squash collection. The mixed winter squash is an assortment, and they aren't individually labeled. These are popular in Italy. It is 20 grams of seed, all the squash you could ever want or need. Moreover, they are not just winter squash, there are also zucchinis and zucchettas in this proportion:

12% Zucca Marina di Chioggia
11% Zucca Tonda Padana
11% Zucca Lunga di Napoli
12% Zucca Berrettina Piacentina
8% Zucca Butternut Rugosa
11% Zucca Quintale Seme Giallo
8%  ZucchettaTromba d"Albenga
11% Zucchetta Serpente di Sicilia
8% Zucchino Custard White
8% Zuccchino Vegetable Spaghetti


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