Winter Squash Marina di Chioggia (145-2)

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Winter Squash Marina di Chioggia. Very old variety from near Venice. 4-5 pound round fruit, grey/green knobby skin with sweet orange flesh. Essential for great soup, gnocchi, roasting. Excellent keeper. 105 days. 5 gram packet.


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Ricardo 5th Jul 2017

Extremely aggressive, healthy plants

This is the second year I've planted from the original pack of seeds, both years it has been an extremely healthy vine with enormous leaves and very rapid germination and growth. Give this plant deep, rich compost and 10 feet in all directions to grow. Lots of huge, warty fruit. All this, after keeping the seeds in a drawer for two years. Absolutely top-notch vigor. Sends lots of roots into the soil along the vine, so it should do well against vine borers, though I haven't see any damage on the vine this year.

Sidney Riley 7th Oct 2012

Another winner!

Strange looking on the outside, but delicious on the inside. Marina is easy to grow, is not bothered by pests or disease. Fruit is late to mature (Sonoma Carneros) but is well worth the wait. Stores up to five months.

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