Winter Squash Marmellata (Jam Pumpkin) (145-27)

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Also known as Jaune Gros de Paris. Pumpkin for making jam. Widely used in Italy to produce pumpkin jam & preserves. It has a yellow skin, somewhat blistered and a bit flat. Extremely sweet orange flesh which is excellent for preserves or for eating like any other pumpkin. 4 gram packet.


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Sidney Riley 7th Oct 2012

The best!

Year in, year out, this pumpkin produces large healthy vines, loaded with large to extra large yellowish/pink, slightly ribbed pumpkins. They are beautiful to look at and delicious in pies, soups, and jams. By the way, for those of you who have not tried homemade pumpkin jam, do yourself a favor and make up a batch. The stuff is delicous.

Deborah 2nd Aug 2012

All You Need if Deserted on an Island

This is the best squash for roasting (try roasting the seeds too!). The seeds produce strong plants with large squash. Delicate flavor that must be tried to be believed.

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