Zucchini Lunga Fiorentino (146-52)

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Long of Florence. Long, ribbed, lightish green fruit with speckles from the region around Florence. Fruit is a bit square. Reputation is that it holds flowers well. A very heavy producer with good taste. This came highly recommended by several customers who requested it. 8 gram packet; approximately 50 seeds.


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Chris - Redding, CA 25th May 2014

Solid producer, very reliable, not bothered by high heat

Have grown this variety for several years based on recommendation of prior Seeds from Italy owner, Bill McKay. Great taste fresh, fried, or boiled. Extreme Northern California where summer temps are 100+ every day--no problem on a drip system for this variety. Very prolific in a small area. I have a limited space raised bed, so every selection needs to produce or it doesn't return. This summer squash is the only one that has retained a permanent spot. As with all seeds from this supplier, germination rate is very good so you won't need many to get great results. Dan, thanks for keeping the seed to dollar value a great bargain!

Blue Door Farm 16th Oct 2013

Heavy producer, delicious, robust

Outgrew, out produced and out lasted hybrids despite powdery mildew pressure in my field. Great taste and firm texture even when larger, sold very well at market once I convinced customers to try it for the first time. I am in Midwest.

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