Zucchini - Lungo Bianco di Sicilia (VXO 146-46)

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Long white zucchini from Sicily. Light green (almost white) fruit. Will grow quite long (8-10 inches) and stay thin. Some ribbing when large but none when small. Very early good producer with very good taste. It is a bit of a runner, so space them at four feet or so. 8 gram pack.


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Katherine 20th May 2014

Nice flavor, small seeds, not as prolific as some zuc

This is my favorite zucchini to grow. I really like the flavor, which is mild, and the seeds tend to stay small. It is not as prolific as regular zucchini and I think that is a good thing! Starts out very robust but does tend to succumb to powdery mildew late in the season, but all the squash here get that by Sept or Oct. My garden is in the San Francisco Bay Area, warm-ish days, cool nights, no rain, drip irrigation. I would give it 5 stars if it resisted the powdery mildew a bit more.

Oxbow Farm 26th Aug 2011

Pretty but not much staying power

Been looking for a nice white zucchini. Tried Bianco di Sicilia. Initially it was a nice zucchini although I found the fruit to be on average much more "cousa" shaped than a long cylindrical zucchini shape like is shown in the pic. Went down to viral stuff weeks ago while my other zucchini are still going strong.

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Additional Info

VXO 146-46