Zucchini Tondo Nizza (146-18)

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Zucchini Tondo Nizza - Round of Nice. Similar to Piacenza but light green rather than dark green. Very thin skin so handle carefully. Pick when no larger than a baseball or softball, before the skin begins to darken up. Grill, stuff, fry, use in parmigiana instead of eggplant. 55 days. 10 gram packet.


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Frank Martinelli 3rd Jul 2017

Great Stuffed

I stuffed these baseball size squash with my all natural Italian Sausage. some sauce on the top, and Narragansett Creamery Mozzarella. Very good

Melodee 17th Oct 2016

Produced consistantly.

This squash performed very well over the season even during drought periods. Will definitely plant again.

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