Zucchino da Fiore - Edible Flower (146-57)

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Zucchino da Fiore means "bred to produce flowers". You may get a few small fruit, but mostly you get lots & lots of very large flowers for cooking. Be sure and pick the flowers every day or two to keep them from setting. Plant is a runner (like most which produce many flowers) so give 5 feet or so between hills. 3 gram packet - about 23 seeds.


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karen 13th Sep 2017

never a day without flowers

One morning I picked 75 flowers. Had to find alot of different recipes.

Joan Tuttle 30th Aug 2017

Fantastic for cooking

After many years, I have found the best Zucchini da Fiore -- Edible Flower seeds. I have them in pots and every day pick some and saute them, either to use then with scrambled eggs or to freeze for use during the winter. They are extremely large and produce many flowers--I am extremely grateful for Seeds from Italy for finding and offering them to us. I just need other recipes, please.

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