Zuchetta Serpent of Sicily/Cucuzza (146-43)

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Zuchetta Serpente di Sicilia - Serpent of Sicily. Sometimes called cucuzze or gagootza. It is actually a gourd (it has white flowers rather than yellow like squash), but is grown and eaten like a summer squash. Much favored by people from Southern Italy. Fruit can grow up to three feet long, but tastes best when picked young, no more than 12 inches. Vigorous grower with long vines so leave plenty of room. Vines can easily run 25 feet; does well on a terrace. Pinch the growing tips of the vines and saute them in olive oil; they are very tasty that way. Plant in hills about six feet apart, four seeds per hill and thin to two or three plants. About 70-75 days. 6 gram packet; approximately 30-40 seeds.


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davide cuccia 23rd Jul 2017


Being part-Sicilian I've always enjoyed cucuzza and a dish made by my cousins in Sicily ... tenerumi! Your seeds grow faster than any other seeds I've tried in the past ... my plants are out of control! I'm very very happy and will continue to buy from you every year! Grazie mille! davide!

Joe Nasello 31st Mar 2017

Brings back memories of my childhood!

My mother was born in Cefalu, Sicily in 1910 and immigrated to the United States through the Port of New Orleans with her parents as a small child. Growing up, I remember Mama growing huge Cucuzzas (we called them gagootzas) along the fence line at our house in Alexandria, Louisiana. My non-Italian friends used to tease me because of the shape of this delicious squash. Fully grown, it resembles a baseball bat. I'm certain the appeal to m parents was the large (think inexpensive) harvest these seeds produce. Mama was a great cook, and she prepared the gagootzas perfectly. She would peel them, cut them into cubes and saute them in olive oil, onions, garlic and tomatoes from our backyard garden. She would also add smaller chunks of Romano cheese and the tenerumis (the tentacles on the tip of the vines). I recently purchased some seeds from Seeds from Italy, and I can't wait to try and replicate my Mama's recipes. Buono appetite!

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