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Basil Italiano Classico (13-2)

$3.50 - $18.00
Italian Classic Basil. This sweet Genovese basil is our most popular variety. It is the same strain that made pesto famous worldwide. (Our Italian supplier, Franchi Seeds, calls it Italian Classic...

Tomato Red Pear (106-107)

BESTSELLER! Franchi's Red Pear tomato is an old North Italian variety specially selected by Franchi Sementi. It is a red, pear-shaped beefsteak. An outstanding producer of huge (as in 8-18 ounce)...

Parsley Gigante di Napoli (108-2)

$3.50 - $31.00
Parsley Giant of Naples. Very large flat-leaf variety from Naples with incredible flavor. Plants are large with strong, long stalks and large leaves. Start from seed or transplants. Leaves grow back...

Tomato San Marzano 2 (106-16)

Indeterminate, 82 days. Large plants with good disease resistance. Plum-shaped fruits are 5-6 ounces, with thin skin and very meaty flesh. 1 gram packet, approximately 250 seeds. Approximately...

Zucchini Striato d'Italia (146-2)

$3.50 - $48.00
Zucchini Striato d'Italia - Italian Stripe. Dark green fruit with light green stripes and small ribbing. Excellent taste, many flowers, large plant. Vigorous, good producer and does well in cool...

Bean Super Marconi (57-30)

$3.50 - $22.55
Pole Roma. This is the Roma type bean seen all over Italy in markets. Beans will grow to 10 inches and remain tender. You can begin picking them at 5-6 inches. Very meaty. Makes a wonderful bean...

Arugula/Rucola Cultivated 115-1

$3.50 - $26.00
Arugula has been grown since Roman times, reputedly as an aphrodisiac, and is used widely in Italian cuisine. It's great as a salad ingredient, or simply eaten alone with a sprinkle of salt and a...

Kale Cavolo Nero aka Lacinato (35-7)

$3.50 - $15.25
The only kale grown in Italy. Wrinkled dark green (almost black) leaves with a smooth edge. Excellent taste; improves after a frost. Very hardy. Usually lasts until January in my Zone 5 garden; will...

Tomato San Marzano Redorta (106-94)

San Marzano Redorta. Franchi Special Selection. Named for a mountain in the Alps, this is a very large (10-12 ounce) San Marzano type plum tomato. Indeterminate. Large, vigorous plant. This has real...

Basil Bolloso Napoletano (13-8)

$3.50 - $18.00
Basil Napoletano. Big leaf basil. Dark green wrinkled leaves. Very intense flavor & aroma (unlike most big leaf types). Leaves are as big as your hand. Prefers full sun. 8 gram packet. Basil has...

Misticanza All Lettuce (93-1)

$3.50 - $6.25
Misticanza All Lettuce — Mesclun. 14 lettuce varieties for salad. Includes cutting lettuces, romaines, 4 seasons, rossa trento and others. Cut when 3-4 inches tall make succession plantings...

Zucchetta Serpent of Sicily/Cucuzza (146-43)

$4.50 - $16.65
Zucchetta Serpente di Sicilia - Serpent of Sicily. Sometimes called cucuzze or gagootza. It is actually a gourd (it has white flowers rather than yellow like squash), but is grown and eaten like a...


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If you want to try Agretti, grow your own

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