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How To: Braiding Onions

How To: Braiding Onions

Braiding is an easy, traditional way to store onions. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

As the onions are curing (as described in the previous article), check the stems frequently — you want them to be mostly but not entirely dry. The stems must be flexible when you work with them.

Lay out three of the biggest onions with the tops facing toward you and cross the stems over each other. Tie a knot with twine around this first step of the braid. Add one onion to the center, with the stem on top of the center stem, and braid the two outer stems with it. Add an onion to either side, again laying the stems on top of the existing stems, and braid again. Continue in this way until you have about a dozen onions caught in the braid. Finish braiding the stems, tie them off with a small piece of twine, and trim them neatly.

Hang the onions in a cool, dry place for best storage. You can hang one braid in the kitchen to use as needed.