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Posted by Lynn Byczynski on 19th Sep 2016

When getting started with garlic production, growers soon learn that there are literally hundreds of named cultivars or strains available in the U.S. and Canada. Choosing among that wealth of options is a challenge that has befuddled many beginners. As Ron Engeland wrote in his book Growing Great Garlic, “Professionals have wrestled with the problem of garlic varieties for over 100 years and basically succeeded in creating a very fine mess with v… Read more

Posted by Lynn Byczynski on 18th Sep 2016

We can't imagine a vegetable garden without garlic. We have found it to be one of the easiest and most satisfying vegetables we grow, and we would love to persuade you to give it a try if you have never grown it before. We have a terrific selection of garlic to plant this fall; Click here for the complete list.We think everyone should grow their own garlic, and here are a few reasons why:Garlic has been used as medicine for thousands of year… Read more