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Bees and Butterflies Gift Box (GB-3)

A beautiful Seeds from Italy gift box of 10 varieties of flowers and herbs that provide pollen and nectar for bees, butterflies, and beneficial insects. Provide blooms from early spring to fall for our essential garden allies! $35.00 seed value for $30...

Bestsellers Gift Box (GB-1)

A beautiful Seeds from Italy gift box of our 10 bestselling seed varieties. $40 value for $32. Perfect gift for the green thumb in your life! This seed collection now comes packaged in our Seed Storage Box, perfect for preserving the viability of your...

Flower Lover Gift Set

Do you know someone who loves flowers? Maybe even enough to grow them for sale? Inspire her or him with our Flower Lover Gift Set! It includes: A signed copy of The Flower Farmer: An Organic Grower's Guide to Raising and Selling Cut Flowers by Lynn...

Herb Grower Gift Set

A gift set for the gardener-chef who likes to grow and cook with herbs. The set includes: A high-quality Mezzaluna imported from Italy. The sharp curved blade and double handles are used with a rocking motion that minces herbs quickly and thoroughly,...
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Seeds of Tuscany Gift Box

A collection of 5 traditional vegetable varieties from Tuscany Say "Tuscany" and you think of rolling hills and poplar trees, vineyards and excellent wine, old farmhouses in acres of countryside, and buildings like the Uffizi, the Cathedral, and the...
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Tomato Grower's Gift Set

A great gift for the gardener who loves to grow tomatoes! This gift set includes: The perfect tomato knife, curved and serrated, from Due Cigni of Maniago, Italy. A pair of nitrile gardening gloves, to protect hands from that sticky green stuff on...