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Beet Chioggia (11-13)

$3.50 - $10.15
Chioggia. Pronounced "Key-o-gia" Round red beet with alternating white/red stripes inside. The sweetest beet you will ever eat. Even people who do not like beets love these. Tops are very nice and braised like spinach. Plant from date of last frost. Make...

Beet Cylindra (11-14)

Beet Cylindra. Long beet (5 x 2 inch) so you get lots of uniform-sized slices. 60 days. Sweet like most beets the Italians favor. Tops are red/purple and of very good eating quality. 7 gram packet. 450-500 seeds. Approximately 40-60 seeds per gram...

Beet Egitto Migliorata (11-2)

$3.50 - $5.80
Very flat red beet shaped like a cipolla onion. Excellent taste. Very sweet beet; no earthy taste to these. Nice red tops. Beautiful tops become dark bronze/red in cool weather. Ready in 55-60 or so days. 7 gram pack. Approximately 40-60 seeds per...