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Chard Barese (14-98)

Chard, Barese. Regional variety from a small, southern Italian seed company. Very compact with an excellent taste. Smooth, bright green leaves with a thick white stem. Medium height. The preferred chard throughout Puglia. 10 gram packet. Not Franchi Seed...
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Chard Rhubarb (14-15)

Chard, Rhubarb (ruby). Deep red stems with green/purple blistered leaves. Beautifully colored and very hardy perennial. 8 gram packets. Approx. 300 seeds. Approximately 40-60 seeds per gram. To see our growing guide for chard, click here.
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Chard Verde a Costa Bianca (14-3)

$3.50 - $9.50
Chard Verde a Costa Blanca - green and silver. Large head, huge leaves, thick white stem. Beautiful & excellent taste. Cook leaves like spinach, braise stems with olive oil, sprinkle with parmesan. 55 days. Spring, Summer, Fall. 7 gram packet...

Chard Verde da Taglio (14-1)

$3.50 - $8.85
Chard Verde da Taglio. Green cut & come again. Very thin stems, incredibly sweet & tender leaves. Harvest outer leaves or simply cut the entire plant as it will regrow. Tastes as good as spinach. Spring, summer & fall; will overwinter in zone...