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Chicory Bionda a Foglie Larghe (40-25)

$3.50 - $5.80
Chicory Bionda a Foglie Larghe. Light green cutting chicory. Tall, rounded leaves with no serration. Very nice mild taste. Grow from 3 weeks before last frost. Ready to cut in 35 days. Cut when 3-5" tall. Broadcast sow in beds an inch apart. Cover...

Chicory Catalogna Giant Chioggia (40-22)

$3.50 - $6.70
Very large plant, thin stems with some leaves. Larger plant than Pugliese which it resembles. 70-75 days. Best in Fall. Use in salads or cook. Space at 10 inches between plants, 12 inches between rows. If used as a cutting chicory (very nice salad green)...

Chicory Catalogna Pugliese (40-9)

$3.50 - $5.80
Chicory Catalogna Pugliese. Tall, open, green leaf chicory. Long white stems with a fair amount of serrated green leaves. Cook or eat fresh in salads. Best for fall. 10 or 28 gram packet. To see our growing guide for chicory and radicchio, click...

Chicory Catalogna Puntarelle a Foglie Stretta (40-21)

$3.50 - $15.85
Chicory Catalogna Puntarelle. Tall open plant, white stems and thin green leaves. It is mostly stem with very little leaf. Technique is to soak it in cold water first (stems curl & also become more mild). Very popular with chefs of high-end Italian...

Chicory Catalogna Puntarelle Brindisina (40-46)

$3.50 - $15.50
Chicory Catalogna Brindisina. This chicory is grown for its stems. It has a small almost frilly leaf with very thick stem that comes together almost as a bulb. Very nice in salads. Slice up, soak in ice water for a few minutes (nice but not necessary)...

Chicory Cicoria pan di Zucchero Selezione Borca (40-49)

$4.50 - $6.70
Sugar Loaf leave chicory. Upright light green variety with large long and very tight head. Reliable. Franchi special selections are varieties selected primarily for taste and consistency. Best for fall, but will work in the spring from transplants. Easy...

Chicory Galatina (precoce) - Asparagus Chicory (40-99)

$4.50 - $9.95
Chicory Galantina - sometimes called asparagus chicory. From southern Italy. Grown primarily for the stems. Stems are very thick with tiny notched leaves on top. 90-100 days. Use in salad or cook. 6 gram pack. Not Franchi seed. To see our growing guide...

Chicory Grumolo Bionda (40-27)

$3.50 - $18.00
Chicory Grumolo Bionda. Light green grumolo type for fall growing. Initial growth is an elongated head with large, rounded leaves. After harvesting, leave the root in the ground. In the spring you will get the beautiful grumolo rosette. 10 gram packet...

Chicory Grumolo Verde - Certified Organic (40-2B)

Chicory Grumolo Verde. Certified Organic. THE 500 GRAM BULK OPTION IS NOT CERTIFIED ORGANIC. ONLY THE SMALL PACK IS CERTIFIED ORGANIC. Dark green head with rosette. In spring, 30 days to baby, 50 days to full size. If grown for fall harvest, initial...

Chicory Orchidea Rossa (40-64)

$3.50 - $15.50
Chicory Orchidea Rossa - Red Orchid. One of the easiest red chicories to grow and one of the earlier ones at 75 days to maturity. Very attractive deep red rosette-shaped head. Best in fall, when color is deepest red. Use transplants in spring to get it...

Chicory Palla Rossa 2 Sel. "Giusto" (40-54)

$4.50 - $36.00
Chicory Palla Rossa 2 Sel. "Giusto". Very early variety with beautiful white marbling on the red leaf. Sow May - Jul and harvest until the end of Sep. 4 and 12 gram pack.  To see our growing guide for chicory and radicchio, click here.

Chicory Palla Rossa 4 Sel. Pagoda (40-57)

$4.50 - $36.00
Chicory Palla Rossa 4 Sel. Pagoda. Red Ball radicchio with white veins. Crunchy leaves with a pleasant bitter taste which adds color, texture and a different flavor to your salad bowl. Sow from Aug - Sep. 4 gram pack.  To see our growing guide for...

Chicory Palla Rossa 5 Sel. Melot (40-69)

$4.50 - $6.50
Chicory Palla Rossa 5 sel. Melot. Mid-early with a large, compact head. Not resistant to frost. Sow mid Jul-end Aug and harvest Oct-Nov. 4 and 12 gram pack.  To see our growing guide for chicory and radicchio, click here.

Chicory Spadona (40-1)

$3.50 - $5.80
Chicory Spadona. Cutting chicory for salads. Long leaves, very thin, almost non-existent stem. Leaves are rounded and smooth without any serration. Fast grower - 30 days to early cutting. Will regrow after cutting but it is just as easy and the quality...