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Chicory Zuccherina di Trieste (40-18)

from $3.50
Chicory Zuccherina di Trieste. Fast grower. Heart-shaped, light green leaves with almost no ribbing and very tiny stems. 30 days to cutting size. Will regrow after cutting, but it is just as easy and quality is higher if you succession plant. Sow seeds...

Radicchio di Castelfranco (40-5)

from $3.50
Radicchio di Castelfranco. Round crunchy closed head. Beautiful red & light green markings. Lovely in the salad bowl. Fall planting is best for full-size plant, anytime for baby. If planting in the spring, use transplants so as to be able to harvest...

Radicchio di Chioggia (40-23)

from $3.50
Radicchio di Chioggia. This is one of the easier to grow radicchios. Very consistent. It has a dark red outer leaf with white markings and a nice white stem. Color becomes more intense the cooler the weather. Early, 75-80 days. Can be grown (usually) in...

Radicchio di Lusia Cicoria (40-78)

from $4.50
Radicchio di Lusia. Early. Varigated chicory. Light green leaves with red markings. White stems. Nice fancy heading chicory. 80-85 days. 4 gram packet.

Radicchio di LusiaTardiva Late (40-79)

from $4.50
Radicchio di Lusia Tardiva. Special selection. Not for spring planting. Heading chicory makes a nice round ball. Light green & white leaves with red markings. White stems. Very fancy type. Nice taste, raw or cooked. 100 plus days. 4 gram packet...

Radicchio Fall Sampler

Here's your chance to find out what kinds of radicchios do best in your area.  Many chicories and radicchios are hardy and can be harvested well after the first frosts.  Some resprout from the crown come spring.  Some can be "forced"...

Radicchio Palla Rossa 3 (40-68)

from $3.50
Radicchio Palla Rossa 3 has probably the greatest color contrast of the red radicchios. It is fairly easy to grow in that it consistently forms nice heads. Nice taste and texture. 75-80 days. Best in fall. Most intense color in late fall during cool...

Radicchio Palla Rossa sel Agena (40-58)

from $4.50
Palla Rossa sel Agena. Another special selection in the Mercurio line. Stunning plant forms a very nice head. Best for fall crop. Needs cool weather to color up properly. For the specialty grower or lover of beautiful radicchio. 4 gram packet.

Radicchio Pan di Zucchero (40-10)

from $3.50
Radicchio Pan di Zucchero - Sugarloaf. Upright light green variety with large, long tight head. Easy to grow and easy to head up. For spring and fall. Popular throughout Italy. Use cooked or in salads. 10 gram packet.

Radicchio Rossa di Treviso (40-4)

from $3.50
Radicchio Rossa di Treviso. The classic Italian Radicchio. Upright with red and white striped leaves with large pure white stems. 90-100 days depending on weather. Best for fall planting if you want mature heads. Plant anytime for baby leaves for salad...

Radicchio Rossa di Verona (40-13)

from $3.50
Radicchio Rossa di Verona. Deep red leaves contrast nicely with a white stem. Very nice and tight head. This is the type you usually find in the supermarkets. 80 or so days. Use in salads or cook. Spring and fall, but best color in fall. 10 gram packet,...

Radicchio Rossa Treviso sel Svelta (40-53)

from $4.50
This is another special selection in the award winning Mercurio line. For the specialty grower, a very stunning plant. Best for fall. 95-100 or so days from direct seed. Needs cold weather to color up properly. 4 gram packet.