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Radicchio Rossa Verona sel Arca (40-32)

from $6.50
Rossa Verona sel Arca. Not only is this one of the Franchi Special Selections (reserved for vegetables of exceptional merit) but it is one of their award winning Mercurio line vegetables. In addition to stunning color, this forms a nice tight head...

Radicchio Rossa Verona Tardiva Grumolo Type (40-72)

from $3.50
Radicchio - Red Grumolo type. Tardiva means late. Medium sized head with good sized red leaves with white central rib. Good taste in salads. Sow Jul-Aug and harvest mid November-mid February. Pretty open head when young; if grown for fall harvest, will...

Radicchio Treviso 4 Tardiva (40-60)

from $4.50
Radicchio, Treviso Tardiva (Treviso 4). An Italian favourite from Northern Italy and the first Italian vegetable to be issued with DOP status like Champagne. Needs the frost to turn red and easily resists sub zero temperatures. Compact long heads. Late,...

Red Stem Chicory (40-86)

Cicoria Rossa Italiana. Some call this Red Dandelion, but it is a true chicory. Requires a rich, well-tilled soil. Mid-early, upright plant with a large, closely wrapped head. Intense gree, serrated leaves are tall, with large red ribs. Said to be an...
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Root Chicory - Cicoria di Chiavari (40-14)

from $3.50
Root Chicory from Liguria. Long cylindrical white root. Direct seed in early summer for fall harvest. Thin to 8-10 inches apart. Sauteed in olive oil or butter. Same cicoria as used in the coffee at the Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. 11 or 30 gram packet...