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Lettuce Regina di Maggio (79-1)

from $3.50
Lettuce Regina di Maggio - May Queen. This is one beautiful and tasty butterhead lettuce. Green with the edges of the leaves tinged with red. Somewhat less red than Quatro Stagioni (Four Seasons). Prefers spring & fall, but will take some summer heat...

Lettuce Romaine Bionda Ortolani (84-4)

from $3.50
Lettuce Bionda Ortolani. A classic romaine lettuce with a large tight head and dark green crunchy leaves. 65 days. Like all romaines, it does best in spring and fall. Can grow in summer for baby lettuce, and even head lettuce in cooler climates. Start...

Lettuce Rossa di Trento (86-33)

from $3.50
Lettuce Rossa di Trento. Green/red lettuce forms a nice loose head. Early to mature. Outstanding taste, soft sweet texture, in between a butterhead and a french crisp type. Has low bolting resistance, so grow in spring and fall. 55 days. 4000 seeds/pack...

Lettuce Rougette di Montpellier Parella - Parella Rossa (79-36)

from $3.50
Lettuce Rougette di Montpellier - Parella Rossa. Also known as parella or pirat. A Butterhead type. French lettuce popular in Northern Italy. Small plant (six inches or so), mostly open with a small tight center head; makes a perfect baby lettuce head...

Lettuce Ubriacona (86-38)

from $3.50
Lettuce Ubriacona. (The Drunkard). Red outer leaves with green leaves inside. Crisp leaves, loose head when fully mature. 60 days. Does best in spring and fall if growing to full size head or any time for cutting lettuce or baby heads. Best color in fall...

Misticanza All Lettuce (93-1)

from $3.50
Misticanza All Lettuce — Mesclun. 14 lettuce varieties for salad. Includes cutting lettuces, romaines, 4 seasons, rossa trento and others. Cut when 3-4 inches tall make succession plantings every 2-3 weeks. 8 gram packet (4000-5000 seeds).