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Misticanza - All Chicory (93-2)

from $3.50
Misticanza (Mesclun) Spicy All Radicchio and Chicory Mix. 12 varieties include Spadona, Treviso, Castlefranco, Verona & others. For salads or braising. Make succession plantings every 2-3 weeks for continuous harvest. Cut when 3-4 inches tall...

Misticanza All Lettuce (93-1)

from $3.50
Misticanza All Lettuce — Mesclun. 14 lettuce varieties for salad. Includes cutting lettuces, romaines, 4 seasons, rossa trento and others. Cut when 3-4 inches tall make succession plantings every 2-3 weeks. 8 gram packet (4000-5000 seeds).

Misticanza Duet Da Taglio (93-8)

from $3.50
Misticanza Duet. Frilly cutting lettuce mix, red & green. 35 days or so to cutting size (4-6"). Nice taste & texture and looks good in the salad. Broadcast seed, trying to get one seed/inch. Succession plant every two weeks. 10 gram packet.

Misticanza Endive and Escarole (93-3)

from $3.50
Misticanza di Indivie e Scarole (Endive and Escarole Mix). A good cold weather mixture of 10 or more endives and escaroles. Outstanding salad mix either by itself or mixed in with some lettuce mix. Broadcast sow in a bed from 3 weeks before last frost...

Misticanza Quattro Stagioni (93-4)

from $3.50
Misticanza Quattro Stagioni — Mesclun Four Seasons. Mesclun mix of lettuce, endive, radicchio & chicory. 14 varieties including Verona, Pan Zucchero, Four Seasons lettuce, Romaines, cutting lettuces. For salads or braising. Cut when 3-4 inches...