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Pepper Quadrato d'Asti Rosso (97-2)

from $3.50
Square Red Asti Pepper - Quadrato d'Asti Rosso. Asti is famous for its peppers and this is another classic from Asti. Very large productive pepper, 80-85 days to red ripe. Big plant; space 16 inches. You can stuff them, cook them in pepperonata or roast...

Pepper Rosso Dolce Appendere (97-82)

OUT OF STOCK. NO MORE AVAILABLE UNTIL 2019. Frying pepper from Southern Italy. 6 inches long, thin skin, very sweet. Bright red when ripe. Use red or green. This pepper also dries very well for winter use. Peppers ready 70 or so days after set out...

Pepper Topepo Rosso (97-91)

from $3.50
Pepper Topepo Rosso, also called Christmas pepper. Round red pepper, 2" high, 2" wide. Sweet. Eat fresh, roasted, or pickled. This is the type of pepper you see pickled in large jars in Italian delis. Pickle some red ones and a few still green for a nice...