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Tomato Principe Borghese (106-50)

from $3.50
Tomato Principe Borghese. Small indeterminate plants bear prolifically and must be staked or caged. Tomatoes set on clusters of 7-10 fruit each weighing about 2 oz. They hold extremely well on the vine. 72 days. Eat fresh in salad or dry for sun-dried...

Tomato Red Pear (106-107)

from $4.50
BESTSELLER! Franchi's Red Pear tomato is an old North Italian variety specially selected by Franchi Sementi. It is a red, pear-shaped beefsteak. An outstanding producer of huge (as in 8-18 ounce) very tasty fruit. Great fresh eating. Early for such a...

Tomato San Marzano 2 (106-16)

from $3.50
Tomato San Marzano 2. 80-82 days. Indeterminate. Classic Italian plum tomato for sauce & canning. This is the standard tomato used to make sauce in Italy. Large fruit (5-6 ounce) & plant. Good disease resistance. 1 gram packet, approx. 250 seeds.

Tomato San Marzano Redorta (106-94)

from $4.50
San Marzano Redorta. Franchi Special Selection. Named for a mountain in the Alps, this is a very large (10-12 ounce) San Marzano type plum tomato. Indeterminate. Large, vigorous plant. This has real tomato flavor and is good to eat fresh, make sauce, can...