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Melon Charentais (91-5)

from $3.50
Melon. Charentais. Classic European melon. 90 days. Sweet orange flesh, thin skin. Fairly easy to grow. Ripe when small pointed leaf on stem where attached to fruit becomes pale in color. 5 gram packet. To see our growing guide for melons, click...

Melon Retato Degli Ortolani (91-3)

Netted melon. Sweet orange flesh. Some netting like a canteloupe, but not a canteloupe. Said to be the melon to eat with Parma ham. 80 or so days. 5 gram packet. To see our growing guide for melons, click here.

Melon Zatta (91-28)

from $3.50
Not the most beautiful, but one of the tastiest. Italians call it brutto ma buono - ugly but good. Orange and green skin with scales, but great tasting orange flesh. One large grower in California says the fine dining restaurant in San Francisco can't...

Rhubarb/Rabarbaro (109-1)

from $3.50
Rhubarb. What could be better than some sweet stewed Rhubarb with fresh cream. An Italian variety. 1g. Sow mid Jul-end Sep. Perennial suitable for areas with cooler springs. Divide every four years or so in early spring when leaves are 6-8 inches. Easy...

Watermelon Asahi Miyako Hybrid F1 (3-5)

from $4.50
This Japanese melon is so great that we had to carry it. A California melon grower reports it is one of the sweetest and best melons he has grown. These seeds are hard to get and very expensive. This is a hybrid seed. 75-85 days depending on your climate...