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Lettuce Quattro Stagioni (79-5)

$3.50 - $5.80
Lettuce Quattro Stagioni — Four Seasons. Butterhead. Creamy green head with red on the tip of the leaves. Becomes very red in fall and spring and is an excellent choice for winter hoophouse growing. Excellent taste and very smooth texture. Very...

Misticanza Quattro Stagioni (93-4)

$3.50 - $5.35
Misticanza Quattro Stagioni — Mesclun Four Seasons. Mesclun mix of lettuce, endive, radicchio & chicory. 14 varieties including Verona, Pan Zucchero, Four Seasons lettuce, Romaines, cutting lettuces. For salads or braising. Cut when 3-4 inches...

Ramolaccio (114-2)

Black Spanish Radish. A radish dating from around the middle of the 16th century. Good sized root with black skin and white inside. Radish is 2-3 inches in diameter, round, crisp & pungent. Sow Mar-May and Jul-Nov. This is a winter storage type...
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Spinach Gigante d'Inverno (127-9)

$3.50 - $10.15
Spinach Gigante d'Inverno (Winter Giant). Very large, glossy dark green leaves which are pointed. Resistant to cold. Large plant, excellent taste and texture, heavy production. 13 gram packet. Approximately 900 seeds. Late summer & fall planting...